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Case Study: DHL


DHL engaged John Brown Novus to design and build a regional content hub, Logistics of Things. From content strategy, UX through UI design, development to data analytics we created a unique website which allowed the customer to create their own unique content experience.


The team at DHL wanted to create a region-specific content hub that met the information needs of DHL customers residing in the Asia-Pacific. Further, the company wanted to create a rich resource of information for businesses located outside of the region but which traded with companies here. To unearth the pain points of customers and internal stakeholders, JBN interviewed the heads of DHL's four business units: Express mail; E-commerce; Global Forwarding; and Supply Chain Solutions. Based on these findings and other research, we were able to ascertain the types of information that were important to customers, and fuse these with the business objectives of DHL. This led to the formation of the content hub’s four pillars: SMEs; Trade & Trends; Viewpoints; and Sustainability. They also influenced the types of content that would be featured on the site.

The Idea

A core skill of JBN is that both the design and editorial teams work togther from the outset of any project we undertake, to best target the aims of the project and needs of the user. Based on the hours of interviews, days of research and detailed content strategy, the team focused its findings to define the structure of the site. The content pillars were key to the site’s foundation, defining the user journey of both non-registered and registered users.


Creating a personalised experience was key to the DHL brief. The website had to serve a unique aim for each unique vistor. Non-member users, for example had to be able to filter by topic (and later, by language and region). Members can also define a personalised browsing experience, by being able to select and view content from only relevant pillars, essentially curating their own website, view previously read articles, as well as save and archive articles. Each content page had a depth of features to enhance the experience, driving users to related, relevant content on the same topic. Meanwhile, instant social sharing, reading tracker and commenting helped push out the content to more readers.



JBN strategised, designed and built the APAC content hub for DHL: Logistics of Things. To track content performance we built a customised Tableau dashboard to pull data from Google Analytics to track business objective-aligned metrics of measurement. We looked at measuring exposure, engagement, preference, impact and advocacy. Some of the results measured included time on page, number of white papers downloaded, top sources of referral traffic, newsletter subscriptions, scroll threshold on articles and geographic location of visitors.