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Case Study: Singapore Tourism Board


You can imagine that in one of the foodiest countries in the world, the Singapore Food Festival is one hot ticket. Our task: to make it even hotter. This campaign involved John Brown Novus creating an execution that would work both for digital and out-of-home, and cut through other content to feel fresh, fun and exciting. But importantly, it should not jar with the feel of the event itself.


Our client, Singapore Tourism Board, briefed us with an evocative festival tagline: Savour the Past, Taste the Future. The aim of the festival was to look at traditional, beloved local foods and reinvent them with a fresh twist. The concept had to encapsulate the past and the future in one key visual; quite a tough task to swallow. We began our task by researching (and drooling over) these key dishes, from chilli crab to chicken rice. How could we show these dishes in a new light?

The Idea

Our first ideas were extreme: we looked at launching the first Singaporean astronaut into space. Once in orbit, this star-struck figure would find dishes like ice kachang and chicken rice floating past him in zero gravity. While an exciting idea, it was a bit too “out there”, and perhaps didn’t tie back strongly enough into the physical event itself. Back to the drawing board. Based on our research we found many traditional foods were illustrated in an expected, traditional way. We took the food into a contemporary style by using bright colours and simple shapes. Instantly it felt fresh, and the connection between past and present was made. While the spaceman was no longer, the floating food remained.


The floating food was crafted into a series of stunning illustrations. They were then 3D-modelled and animated into a continous falling loop, which formed the basis of the digital advertising. The second execution brought people into the frame, as they passed dishes back and forth. The best foods, after all, demand to be shared. Each dish illustration in the animation was repurposed to sit statically on event promos: everything from decals to backdrops. Yum.



The response was overwhelmingly positive — everyone wanted a bite out of our style. Digital advertising based on our designs was used for advertising banners to get people to the event. Once at the event itself, our eye-catching banners encouraged attendees to shoot a flat-lay photo of the food and tag STB’s Instagram feed. Resonating strongly both on social media and other platforms, our campaign execution was picked up for use in a partnership between Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Tourism Board, as they showcased mouthwatering Singaporean delights in London. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.