Creating Our Own Content: the Story of JBN’s Backstory

As one of Asia’s leading creative content agencies, JBN tells stories for some of the world’s biggest brands. But we are always looking to own new conversations in new spaces.

A Platform Powered by Chance

That’s where the idea for Backstory, a digital publication, came about. By creating our own intellectual property, it gives JBN the opportunity to explore new creative spaces, and tell stories from the world of history, science, culture, art, and everything in between.

Each issue of Backstory is themed. Each theme is chosen completely at random.

But we didn’t want to create any old title. We wanted to stand out. We wanted to live just a little bit dangerously.

As such, we established three rules:

  1. Each issue of Backstory is themed
  2. Each theme is chosen completely at random, with no retakes allowed. Hence why you’ll see a shaky fingers blooper in our issue one video (reality TV at its finest)
  3. That theme then has to flow into every story, each story executed in a different format

Choosing the Theme

And so it was with slightly sweaty palms that we began our very first issue. Armed with a musty old dictionary and a shiny new GoPro, we filmed ourselves blindly opening a page, and jabbing a finger at a random word. We estimate there were about 99,500 entries to choose from — and we landed on just one term that would become our first theme: brick red.

To find out what content ideas eventually developed out of those two words, you can explore our first issue at We hope you enjoy it.

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