JBN HK Curates: Content We Love — Autumn 2017

British Airways: an A-List Safety Video
Nominated by Charley Mulliner, editor

British Airways has released a new safety video that pulls out the big celeb endorsements, with starring roles from Hollywood greats like actors Thandie Newton and Gillian Anderson, foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay and comedian Asim Chaudhry. The usual airline safety messages are there, just packaged in an entertaining sketch.

Why it works:

When did you last pay attention to a safety video? Unless you’re a nervous flyer, I can guess at the answer. BA has done a sterling job of turning obligatory, yawn-inducing messaging into humorous, feel-good content that five million people and counting have voluntarily watched on YouTube. Plus there’s an added charity element too. Bravo. Let’s not ask how much those six minutes cost...

Vogue is using its content to change the way we look at beauty — and judging by the 1.3 million views, it’s definitely working

Vogue Beauty Secrets by Naomi Watanabe
Nominated by Jeanne Cheung, managing editor

Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe takes us through her stage make-up routine in this hilarious how-to video. While some of her tricks are dubious (as other beauty gurus don’t hesitate to point out in the comments), her signature humour and unscripted approach make this beauty video incredibly fun to watch.

Why it works:

Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series usually features supermodels (not exactly relatable to you or I), but for the mag’s 125th anniversary, the brand picked an unexpected influencer: Watanabe is confident, funny and most importantly, looks just like one of us. Rather than perpetuating impossible standards, Vogue is using its content to change the way we look at beauty — and judging by the 1.3 million views, it’s definitely working.

The Royal Protectorate of Nolandia Map
Nominated by Bonnie Pau, editor

A gorgeous illustration bringing to life the cinematic world of Christopher Nolan celebrates the release of his latest movie Dunkirk. Commissioned by Little White Lies magazine, it was created by Studio Murugiah.

Why it works:

This is a clever visual way for a film magazine to introduce the imaginative world of Nolan. The illustration is fun viewing, as you’re drawn in to recall iconic scenes from the director’s cult movies. You’ll be fascinated by the sheer detail here — and of course if you’re a Nolan fan like myself, you’ll dream of nabbing it as one of your collectibles.

The Expiry Date by SK-II
Nominated by Vivian Choi, designer

In many parts of Asia, young women suffer from a social stigma if they’re 30 and unmarried — they’re seen as having been left on the shelf. Here, SK-II focuses on this unspoken societal timeline, sparking a conversation around age-related pressure.

Why it works:

The “30-year-old deadline” is a hot topic among young Asian women. Leaving the brand at the door, SK-II shows a care and understanding of its audience’s concern: the pressure of annoying social labels. As a 27-year-old Hongkonger, I admire this inspiring short film. It encourages young women to have the confidence to be themselves, love themselves and believe in the key campaign message: “You’re more than your age.”


Image credit: Studio Murugiah

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