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Case Study: Holiday Inn Express


The brief: to create a brand identity and print and digital communication collaterals for an accelerated promotion programme for general managers at Holiday Inn Express. The GM Express programme involved concept development, product identity and the production of online and print collaterals to appeal to candidates, coaches and owners, as well as a dedicated website for employees who were selected for the course.


As a brand new management programme within the InterContinental Hotel Group and a trailblazer for the group’s other brands, it was important that all stakeholders had a voice in the development of the course collaterals. As part of the discovery phase, JBN spoke to coaches, general managers and senior directors across the region to find out their views on the programme, what they felt that participants should get out of it and how it would shape the future of the business. As well as informing the tone and purpose of the collaterals, these interviews also formed the basis of the content for the website and booklets.

The Idea

It was important to show all involved with the brand — from participants to owners — that this accelerated learning programme for general managers offers something special; namely, discovering talent and training each candidate to their full potential to lead the business into the future. With the importance placed on the general managers of the future, JBN created a concept around the candidates being seen as diamonds, cut for success; with crystal clear ambition; glowing with exceptional strengths and honed for perfection. The diamond analogy was applied in different ways to each of the three booklets, which contained content applicable to each of the three audiences: candidates, coaches and owners.



The multi-faceted project involved not only designing and creating website content for the programme candidates but also writing and designing three different booklets for candidates, coaches and owners. The content creation entailed hours of interviews, organising and orchestrating bespoke photo shoots in two countries and creating individual illustrations for the booklets, each of which was written in a different tone to suit the target audience. As the programme was being designed at the same time as the content and collaterals were created, it was important to work closely with the client to ensure that flexibility was retained to maximise the evolving nature of the programme, to ensure that the most relevant and up-to-date information was delivered in an extremely tight timeframe.



The perfect–bound booklets and website were extremely well received. Having such a resilient idea to base the collaterals on ensured a strong and pertinent thread ran through all content. This project is a key example of how we successfully marry digital, design, photography and editorial to ensure the most impact across all platforms. This embodies the type of work at which we excel — taking a single thought and creating a big idea that resonates. As a result of the success of this project, we have been commissioned to undertake a similar project for another brand within the InterContinental Hotels Group.