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Case Study: HSBC


John Brown Novus was engaged to create content for HSBC’s Future of Retirement campaign, "Passions Never Retire", in order to increase customer awareness. This took many forms including long- and short-form articles. A unique visual style was also designed for the infographics and factoids. We created content for HSBC’s Twitter feed and paid media channels such as Yahoo and Outbrain to amplify the message.


The strategy focused on creating content around three pillars: Inspirational Stories, Your Retirement by Numbers and Empower your Future. Each pillar forms a funnel which takes the prospective customer from inspirational passion-led stories that motivate them to start thinking about their future plans and dreams, and then educate them with hard-hitting facts about retirement. We also provided supporting “how-to” content to enable them to achieve their dreams. Sharing stories that are based around the relationship managers and their clients — plus thought leadership articles — empowers customers to take action and contact HSBC to help them put their finances in place to realise that dream.

The Idea

We then broke down the type of content that would fall under each category. Inspirational Stories features profiles of affluent and emerging affluent individuals, who drive the message that while you will one day retire, your dreams won’t have to retire. Retirement by Numbers contains facts and figures and short how-to articles that show readers how they can achieve a comfortable retirement. Empower your Future features stories of Singaporeans in their thirties and forties as they speak to an HSBC Relationship Manager who can put a plan in place to achieve their dreams. In total, we created 25 articles, 17 factoids, four infographics and an animated infographic; and published more than 50 social posts.


This project involved not only creating content for the campaign and the microsite but also working with the client’s partner agencies to create a cohesive campaign. In addition to creating the content for the microsite, we created a new visual style for the HSBC Premier infographics and factoids. This motif became instantly recognisable with the brand and campaign from its use on social media through to the site platform. These were also used as toolkit conversation starters by the Relationship Managers. The toolkit allowed us to extend the activation to the branches by giving them practical content that engaged their customers.



In the first three months alone, the microsite attracted hundreds of millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of clicks, increasing HSBC Premier’s brand equity score significantly. Following this success, a mirror campaign in Hong Kong adapted the same visual and storytelling motifs, which is confirmation of our strength in content that translates both regionally and globally. From the start of the project in 2015 until now, we are still working with HSBC. This is testament to JBN’s ability to create successful, measurable content that inspires long-term relationships.