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Case Study: Tactical Marketing


At John Brown Novus Tactical, our primary question is always this: how can we make our comms stand out from the rest? Our task is to combine fresh, creative copy with clever design logic which makes users sit up and pay attention.

Where JBN Tactical Began

Why did John Brown Novus set up a distinct sister division specialising in marketing collaterals? Because more and more brands realise that there is a need not just for deep-dive, long-term content, but also action-based marketing communications that lead to purchase. What sets us apart from a regular agency is that we have a team of creatives who understand what makes for attention-grabbing communications. We are also constantly exploring where new technology can take us and our customers. And we have the results to show for it.

Working Across Industries

We are fortunate to work across various industries, each with their own distinct challenges: travel, F&B, hotels, fashion, horology and electronics. Over the years we have forged incredibly deep relationships with our clients, thanks to our ability to dig deep into their brand attributes and showcase them to customers in new and innovative ways. Our clients include American Express, Banyan Tree, the Hyatt Hotel Group and The Four Seasons Hotel Group to name just a few. Apart from our creativity and constant adaptation to new tech trends, we are proud of our investment in analytics, which allows us to track on a minute scale how our output can be improved. We also invest heavily in project management as we believe that world-class work goes beyond witty taglines and brilliant creatives: we also have to be responsive and timely in our delivery.

What Else Can an EDM Do?

Being tactical in nature, we are often tasked by our clients, primarily marketers, to create communications that encourage click-through rate all the way through to purchasing that handbag the consumer has been eyeing for weeks. To engage consumers across these fields, we have developed our tech capabilities to be best in class, always at the forefront of new touchpoints and tools. These include working with Facebook Canvas to showcase an airline — a project that led to it seeing an US$8 million boost in sales — to innovative EDM assets such as countdown timers, polls and interactive maps. Increasingly we are seen as the tactical agency which understands social media engagement better than others and we have a whole slew of examples to show for it.


Outcomes: Millions in Earnings

The response to the creation of this highly flexible work group has been stellar, in some cases generating millions of dollars worth of sales. This success has allowed us to forge tight-knit relationships with some of the world’s best brands, and create some of the most successful and unique comms in the industry.